• 20th July

Episode 031 of The Grasshopper Warbler with A.Morgan just hit the radio stations! Check the streaming schedule on this page.

• 27th June

Episode 030 of The Grasshopper Warbler with DJ ZeMigL is now online on Soundcloud and Mixcloud! Get it here.

• 20th June

Episode 030 of The Grasshopper Warbler with DJ ZeMigL just hit the radio stations! Check the streaming schedule on this page.

• 27th May

Episode 029 of The Grasshopper Warbler featuring a studio mix by myself is now online. Get it here.

• 23rd May

My remix for Alexander Kowalski’s ‘Wind On The Wires’ has been released today on Outpost Recordings! Get it here.

• 3rd May

My remix for Alexander Kowalski will be released within the next 3 weeks on Funk D’Void’s Outpost Recordings. Listen the first preview here.

• 27th April

The new episode of The Grasshopper Warbler has been released! This month with Robert S. . Get it here.

• 10th April

My “They Never Sleep EP” has been sold out on decks.de within 2 days! The record is still available through the FLASH Recordings BandCamp page. Order your copy here.

• 6th April

My new 12″ on FLASH Recordings is now available through dbh-music and deejay.de Order the record here.

• 27th March

The next episode of The Grasshopper Warbler has been released today. The show features an exclusive studio mix by myself. Get it here.


Many times, biographies of techno acts start by singing their praise of an extremely early, extraordinary talent on synthesizers and other electronic devices…

In Heron’s case, things are different. Because Martin Spittel has been shaped musically since his childhood, the influences were as diverse as music can be.

On one side, there was his grandfather, who played various instruments, and to whom young Martin related closest to and whose influence still lasts until today. On the other side there were his cousins who were not much older than himself, enthusiastic about AC/DC, and band members themselves. Over the course of the following years, he explored the diversity of Black, Death and Trash Metal, EBM and Industrial, right up to Detroit Techno. 

Ever since then, Heron’s environment served as compensation to ferce parties and expanding his musical horizon. This symbiosis from the love of nature and the musical influences from his early childhood are a direct refection of Heron’s entire life.

Following the scream of the waders (limicoline birds), he moved to picturesque island Norderney in 2005. There, exploring the island’s national park, he decided to live up to his enthusiasm about nature by going to study landscape ecology at the University of Münster. It turned out: The relocation to Münster was the initial spark for his career; the months in Norderney were inspiration for the name of his label “Limikola” which was founded in late 2008 and enjoyed enormous support by both DJs and fans. 

After launching his now very successful °Schaltkreis-parties with four friends in mid-2007, everything went quickly: His first own radio show “The Grasshopper Warbler”, contacts to prominent players like Someone Else and Heartthrob, and finally the moment in early 2008 during the season’s opening at Time Warp, when Richie Hawtin played all three tracks from Heron’s Retro EP. It was merely his second EP, released on a netlabel (Minisome), and it became immediately successful. A knightly accolade.

The journey that Heron started lead to his bombshell track “Welcome to the Adventure Club” that charted in the Beatport charts in 2008, and continued with remixes and releases for Synewave, Supdub, Swap, micro.fon, Prosthetic Pressings and Sleaze Records. In 2010, it culminated with a tour across North America during the summer. 

Two years later he released his very first EP on the legendary Detroit label KMS Records, owned by Kevin Saunderson, followed by remixes for Drumcomplex, Chris Gekä, but also two other Eps, one collaboration project with Inner City’s Ann Saunderson and his second solo release „Ride The Pride“. Furthermore he made the step into the Soma family by publishing two solo EPs and a collab EP with Kevin’s son Dantiez Saunderson, as well as he started to release on Florian Meindl’s FLASH Recordings.


Currently no dates scheduled.

The Grasshopper Warbler

Episode 029 with Heron hit the radio stations! Check the streaming schedule over here.

Streaming Schedule

  • Globe FM | every Sunday – Start 1PM (GMT +0) – United Kingdom
  • Globe FM | every Saturday – Start 2PM (GMT +0) – United Kingdom
  • Cannibal Radio| every 4th Sunday of each month – Start: 10PM (GMT +2) – Greece
  • STROMKRAFT RADIO | every 5th Saturday of each month – Start 6AM (GMT +1) – Germany
  • Muzika Radio | every Thursday – Start: 7PM (GMT +1) – United Kingdom
  • 06AM Ibiza Underground Radio | every Sunday – Start: 10PM (GMT +2) – Spain
  • Uculturemix Electronic Radio | every Saturday – Start: 5PM (GMT -3) – Argentina
  • Cuebase-FM | every Thursday – Start: 1PM (GMT +2) – Germany
  • 28BLACK.fm | every Saturday – Start: 1AM (GMT +3) – Turkey
  • Rádio Na Balada | every Friday – Start: 8PM (GMT -3) – Brazil
  • Space Radio | every Friday – Start: 2PM (GMT +3) – Kenya
  • VFR Europe | every Saturday – Start: 2PM (GMT +2) – United Kingdom
  • Pink-City-Beats Web Radio | every Tuesday – Start: 10PM (GMT +2) – France
  • Radio34 Montpellier | 13th of each month – Start: 4AM (GMT +2) – France
  • Cue-radio | every 4th Friday – Start: 11PM (GMT +2) – France
  • Kittikun Minimal Techno | every 3rd Sunday – Start: 11PM (GMT +9) – Japan
  • Sin Radio | every 2nd Wednesday – Start: 1AM (GMT +3) – Greece
  • Radio Studio 7 | every Wednesday – Start: 2AM (GMT +2) – Italy
  • Studio Lux FM | every Saturday – Start: 8PM (GMT +2) – Luxembourg
  • RadioEttlingen.de | every Saturday – Start: 4.15PM (GMT +2) – Germany
  • Inferno Radio | every first Saturday – Start: 11PM (GMT +1) – Ireland
  • enationFM | every 3rd Wednesday of each month – Start: 5PM (GMT -4) – United States
  • Club  FM | every Sunday – Start: 12AM (GMT +1) – France


Heron’s monthly radio show, “The Grasshopper Warbler”, delivers a wide range of electronic dj & live sets to the listener while not focusing on Techno only.
Founded in 2006, his show is getting a worldwide relaunch in 2014 with international guests from the whole electronic scene.

For more informations please like The Grasshopper Warbler on Facebook and follow Heron on Twitter (every show kick off will be twittered).

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